Visit the highest capital city in the world. Visit archaeological sites near this area. Visit the mystical Lake Titicaca with yoga meditations and fire sacrifices in its Sun Island. La Paz has a Vrinda purely vegetarian restaurant. There is also a little ashram.

Main attractions of the tour are Tianaco and Lake Titicaca. Here we feel the presence of the former Inca culture so strongly that only Machu Picho could be compared to it. Traveling to these places is enhanced by hearing about the great similarities of the Indian and Inca cultures. Quechue, one of the indigenous languages is very close to Sanskirt, the language of the Vedas.

Fire sacrifices were also conducted by the Incas and they hold things in common with the Indian calender of the ages like the Gold, Silver, Iron, etc. Ages. As we visit these places we will meditate and conduct our Yoga exercises as well as study the real meaning of life. A great culture was wiped out here, motivated by greed for gold. What will be the future of our efforts?

The Sun Island and the Moon Island are both in Lake Titicaca. The Incas say that the first Inca came down to that Sun Island. We conduct our Agni Hotra and pray to the great universal god who they knew as Vira Cocha, the Lord of the three worlds. The strength coming from this 4600-meter high island is our treasure.

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