- Visit Gaura mandala, an oasis in the Atacama desert, half an hour from Arica, which is the ocean city of Chile.
- Visit archaeological sites in the area.

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- Visit yoga ashrams along the Chilean coast.
- Learn organic agriculture in Eca-chakra in the district of Catemu (one hour from Santiago).
- Travel with the sannyasis (the yoga monks) along the central Andes.

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LA PAZ. Visit the highest capital city in the world.

- Visit archaeological sites near this area.
- Visit the mystical Lake Titicaca with yoga meditations and fire sacrifices in its sand island.

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One hour from Lima, it's the most unique yoga ashram in South America. Built totally of mud in conical shapes, this ashram provides a great variety of courses and entertainment.

- Hike the mountains.
- Bathe and surf at the beach.
- Take courses on organic gardening, yoga, etc.
- Learn different art techniques as you participate in different projects of
the harmony school of conscience arts.
- Practice hatha yoga in Cusco.
- Walk to Machu Pichu with others yogis and participate in Agni Hotra jajna to free yourself from all bad vibrations.
- Visit the secret valley of the Incas.

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Amazonian jungle with retreat

- Organic agricultur course
- Hydromassages
- Walk to the Altar, a 5300 met high snow peak for yoga exercises and prayer.
Climb the jungle mountains.
- Experience the Sangai natural park (200000 acres).
- Learn how to built a hut with local materials.
- Visit the hot-springs in Banos.
- Learn vegetarian cooking in one of our 20 vegetarian restaurants in South America.
- Learn Spanish in a natural environment.

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-Practice yoga in a 250 year old monastery with a full vaisnava academy.




-Experience life in a yoga ashram in the tropical forest of Colombia.
-Learn yoga and meditation, fasting, vegetarianism and community service.

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- Experience a 3 whole month bhakti yoga course. There are other courses with deep knowledge about:

-Deities worship (puja).
-Organization of spiritual communities.
-Artistic formation.
-Organic agriculture.

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