Inbound Mystic Indian Experiences

 Yoga,  Art and Culture

10 Days Tour, the 6th day  we will visit to the city of Mathura

1 Day,Taj Mahal
Yoga: "journey beyond death"

3 Days visiting the pink-city, Jaipur


A. Akrura Ghat
B. Walk the Govardana trail
C. One to three days visit: Holy villages in Braj. (Nandagram, Varsana, Sanket, Kamyavan)
D. Visit the holiest lake on earth
E. One Day Worshiping of Lord Siva in Vrindavan.
F. Meditation*walks*around*Vrindavan
G. Study Vedic Scriptures with a Swami
H. Bathe*in*Kusum Sarovar
I. One day visit: Sacred Man Sarovar bird sanctuary


01 One-day Bhajan Program
02 Presentation of making clay cups
03 Special education
04 One day fasting (breathing and mantras)
05 Bathing in the Ganges and holy fire sacrifice
06 Learn how to make flower garlands
07 2 days of study on the Bhagavad Gita at Kuruksetra
08 Painting handsand feet with henna
09 Demonstrations of traditional arts
10 One-week Trek in the Himalayas
11 Festivals of India, special participation
12 One day in Karauli, the city of Madan Mohan
13 Language courses of Bengali, Hindi and English in the Vaisnava Academy
14 Consider our capacities
15 Inbound Mystic Indian Experiences. Yoga, Art and Culture
16 Presentation of mukut tradition
17 Take a one-week course in Indian music, tabla, harmonium or flute
18 Rishikesh Hardwar - a week of yoga and Ganga worship
19 Vedic samskara - experience the ritual of purification
20 Devotional Service