Visit the holiest lake on earth.   (picture)

Every year on the date of the appearance of this holy lake millions of people come to bathe and celebrate.
Look at our Tour Calender if you want to be here for this festival. No Vrindavan visitor should miss visiting this dearest spot of god's loving potency.

Special good health required to do it all in one day. Yogis walk barefoot. This walk purifies and permits us to see life in a new way. 

More Adventures ? Check..
A. Akrura Ghat
B. Walk the Govardana trail
C. One to three days visit: Holy villages in Braj. (Nandagram, Varsana, Sanket, Kamyavan)
E. One Day Worshiping of Lord Siva in Vrindavan.
F. Meditation*walks*around*Vrindavan
G. Study Vedic Scriptures with a Swami
H. Bathe*in*Kusum Sarovar
I. One day visit: Sacred Man Sarovar bird sanctuary 


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