One to three days visit: Holy villages in Braj. 
(Nandagram, Varsana, Sanket, Kamyavan) 

Special places not to miss are related to Radha and Krishna's childhood times. The divine couple is prominent in Vrindavan and their childhood palaces are situated on top of two hills within eyesight of each other. The area is surrounded by sacred ponds and secret bhajan kutirs- meditation centers of the heart. 
Discover the sweetness of the feelings of the locals and the visitors arising in your heart as well. We can spend one whole day in each place or we can make a faster program in order to adjust with your time schedule. 

More Adventures ? Check..
A. Akrura Ghat
B. Walk the Govardana trail
D. Visit the holiest lake on earth
E. One Day Worshiping of Lord Siva in Vrindavan.
F. Meditation*walks*around*Vrindavan
G. Study Vedic Scriptures with a Swami
H. Bathe*in*Kusum Sarovar
I. One day visit: Sacred Man Sarovar bird sanctuary 

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