Holy tanks suitable for bathing are still available. We can plan to visit them on practically every tour we make. 
Or we can dedicate a day to specially visiting those places and walking around them,
discovering several special little ashrams and temples.

Kusum Sarovar is especially famous for transcendental
swimming and also for some of the finest architecture of Braj.


More Adventures ? Check..
A. Akrura Ghat
B. Walk the Govardana trail
C. One to three days visit: Holy villages in Braj. (Nandagram, Varsana, Sanket, Kamyavan)
D. Visit the holiest lake on earth
E. One Day Worshiping of Lord Siva in Vrindavan.
F. Meditation*walks*around*Vrindavan
G. Study Vedic Scriptures with a Swami
I. One day visit: Sacred Man Sarovar bird sanctuary 

One to three days walk to Ter Kadamba /
Vrinda Kunda -Pavan Sarovar-Prem Sarovar.

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