One Day Worshiping of Lord Siva in Vrindavan

Lecture and service to Lord Siva. Morning and night darsan. 
In the morning Siva, the destroyer of the universe is worshipped as the greatest controlling male, while at night he turns into the loving female Gopesvara. Posted at the gate of the divine dance of Krishna, Gopesvara has the power to bestow the greatest blessing. No wonder the line of devotees never stop at his temple. 
You can have a full chance of participation.
No restrictions are made here. Siva is very kind and wants to help all souls very easily. Come and experience a unique religious encounter unique in itself all together. 

While we chant mantras, we enter the sancto sanctorum and bow and bathe him with different substances.

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A. Akrura Ghat
B. Walk the Govardana trail
C. One to three days visit: Holy villages in Braj (Nandagram, Varsana, Sanket, Kamyavan)
D. Visit the holiest lake on earth
F. Meditation*walks*around*Vrindavan
G. Study Vedic Scriptures with a Swami
H. Bathe*in*Kusum Sarovar
I. One day visit: Sacred Man Sarovar bird sanctuary 

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