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A very special little hill with a temple on top close to the river Yamuna is the Akrura ghat. Here we can see Vrindavan from a distance and chant mantras and dance to our full satisfaction. This tour gives us a hint of our imminent departure back to the field of responsibility in this world. 
Krishna was taken from Vrindavan by Akrura to fulfill his duties as an avatar. Great mysteries surround this story. We also have to do so many duties. Here we meditate on our involvement in this world. A good visit at the end of our Vrindavan program.

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When I Was In India…

… I saw lot of animals there. They live with people in the town and nobody hurts them. Cows of course, dogs, donkeys, birds, chipmunks even monkeys and pigs are so beautiful and funny to me. In Europe you’ll never see such a lot animal to live together with inhabitants such a peace like this. Every living creature knows her place and knows that every other has a place in the town. 
There is no problem in the traffic for example. Most of people walks by foot and uses bicycles. Few of them move by rikshaws. And very little by motorcycle or by car. So most of these things keep the air clean and no problem with fossil fuels. With pedestrians, animals and these traffic instruments roads are always crowded. But everybody has patient to wait for the more slow others to make space to move. And all this they do very quickly! 
 The town with animals is without waste. Every organic garbage disappears in ten minutes from anywhere by eaten one of them. But if you throw the plastic bag… you will see it also ten years after somewhere in the town or near it in the forest or on the fields. You can see with your own eyes that plastic things have no place in the Nature. If you don’t want to see them – you won’t use plastic at your shopping for example. 

This happened also with me in India. I could discover how could the human life fit in the flow of Nature’s processes. Returning to Europe, I always remember the little pots made of clay if I buy yoghurt in polystirol cups. 

But not only this happened to me. I went there to get experiences about oriental spiritual life in its original form. Visiting temples, listening to devotees’ songs, hearing mantras from the loudspeakers of the temples in the street air – you can not forget where you are. You can feel that time is eternal, also you are eternal, change is only the surface. It is said that in India is poverty – but here in Europe are crowded the streets with people whose face is sad from dissatisfaction, hurry and uncertainty.

Words have limited possibilities to talk all about this – I’d like to go back again but still I live there in my soul.
Hungary, may 2000, Devaki ji.

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