10 Day Sample Tour of Mystic India

Arrival Day: Visit Keshi Ghat, make vow. 
Next Day 1: Gopesvara Puja. 
Visit Radha Damodara.  Clothes shopping.
Day 2: Learn Jappa Meditation. Govindaji, Yoga Pitha.
Day 3: See Vrindavan arts and crafts. 
Day 4: Visit Radha Damodara. 
Day 5: A full day of Yoga. 

Day 6: Visit Mathura and Raval. Day 7: Govardhana Parikram. Full day walk. Prasad at Prem Sarovar. 
Day 8:   Taj Mahal, Sikhan Dar. Day 9:   Visit Akrura Ghat.
Day 10: Departure.
  |   "Birds at Yamuna River"

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