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Presenting of sanji color design art
Colours to make floor designs.  Sometimes for only one day. NO efforts are spared to celebrate the artistic festival of life in devotion.  Some of these attract great attention and some are done in the villages by the housewives to decorate their home and  make everything auspicious. 

Saree tradition (only for ladies) 
The Indian woman’s dress has many ways to be used. Sarees have an unlimited variety of designs and uses. You can learn this art and get many ideas. 

Presentation of memendi art.

Presentation of Cow Dung art and science.
Decorate the house or the garden. Learn to construct floors and paint
decoratively. We use no chemical substances or cement. Only cow
dung, mud and a little plaster. You can turn a wasteland or ugly corner
into a most comfortable and inviting space either inside the house or in
the common areas outside. Village women in India know this science and create wonderful atmospheres in this way. The course includes everything with your participation. 

Presentation of traditional Japa production. 
Wooden beads are good for many purposes. Here we see a great tradition of holy Tulasi wood carved into beads by women and sometimes children who string beads of different size into  chains and necklaces used for meditation and initiation rituals. You can see them everywhere and they connect you with the holy atmosphere. This very simple handicraft can also become sophisticated as some beads are exquisitively carved. However it is really the connection of the heart we perceive as these carvers go on tirelessly with their carving and stringing of these beads. We welcome you to participate. 

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