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Festivals of India, special participation

-Appearance day of Radha kunda.
Come to the festivals of midnight bathing and lights. An unique place and an unique experience. Made wonderful with the local guide Lalita Madhava who helps us to see Radha Kunda in all its holiness.

-Sarad purnima
The yearly Sarad Purnima festival in Vrinda kunja is very beautiful
With the Rasa Lila dance drama and the dancing around the Tulsi trees in the garden, we witness how the Lord conducts his full moon pastimes clothed in white. With explanations and lots of songs this is an unforgettable experience.

-Vrinda Kunja at Deewali.
The festival of lights is unique. Every house is illuminated as the sun goes down. Victory to all who invite good fortune by lighting up their roofs and singing mantras . It is the new year in the Hindu calendar and the darshan all over town is also special.

-Janmastami in Mathura.
The day of Krishna’s appearance is celebrated with great pomp every year. Special tours are available to visit the functions.

-Fire yajna in mungir mandir
Offering respect to mother earth and purifying our life is part of this Vedic ceremony.
All can participate by throwing offerings into the fire and see the darshan of one of the most beautiful temples of Vrindavan. We may also host many other functions here.

-Vrindavan lila drama in Mungir Mandir (one or more days)
The secrets of Vrindavan were recorded by great poets and scholars. These writings have been transformed into drama performances which awaken the heart to the Vrindavan mood. The big open-air stage of Mungir Mandir offers these programs very nicely. We can arrange groups for one-day to one-week dramas with translation into their own languages to fully appreciate this special feature and become more engrossed in the meditation which millions of transcendentalists aspire for in their mature stage of achievement.

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