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Bathing in the Ganges and holy fire sacrifice.

Bathing in the Ganges will wash away all the sins we have committed willingly or unwillingly. The mother Ganges cleans us like a mother bathes her child. We will meditate on how to maintain purity afterwards. This is a mystical experience that brings together  millions of people every year. Vrinda is also involved in the ecological revival of places that have suffered neglect. Cleaning and performing some positive duty is part of our study program. 

Agni Hotras are fire sacrifices, which have been conducted in India since ancient times. The Incas also used them along with the majority of native tribes in South America. We conduct these Agni Hotras every time we want to make a vow.  Vows are made for pilgrimages, marriages, initiations and many other occasions.  We can continuously renew and stengthen ourselves through our vows. In our sacred places such a yajna (sacrifice) is especially useful. 
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