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One day fasting 
(breathing and mantras)

Fasting is the best cure for many diseases. Fast a day or more and feast on Prana to connect with the higher energies. We have programs of study and meditation with fasting and devotional service that totally rejuvenate the
mind and body. A day of inner strengthening through fasting is the perfect way to heighten awareness during any tour or course.

The Inbound school of Yoga offers introductory, intermediate and
advanced instruction. Our courses and journeys are carefully adapted to the
level of achievement of the individual participants. Naturally we base our
decision according to the level of the newest member of the group to the
Inbound Yoga experience. Those who feel that they are advanced, should
register for participation in the appropriate group. Fasting and meditating
have many variations. Complete fasting without water means full control of
the mind, while fasting on water is easier. Fruit fasts are very beneficial
and can continue for many days.  Fasting can be very rewarding and is always a uniquely individual experience. Special fasting weekends are very
purifying for those who are under stress in their work. Light activity is
very good during the fast and the rest and meditation periods give a
wonderful chance to reflect. At least one day of this experience is highly
recommended. On the journeys organized solely by the school, we have special days called Ekadasis, which are reserved specifically for the fasting

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