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Entertainment on the journey is possible through drama presentations.
The local artists of the Harmony School of Conscious Art contribute
their efforts to the Inbound School of Yoga by offering you a very
pleasant mystical thought drama.

Dramas deal with special topics of today's world like Dharma and moral awareness.  We supply a full list of themes to those who want to choose a particular program of orientation for their group or we can select one that is suitable for the development of the group as a unit. In this way the program reaches deeper and provides an opportunity to review our life daily with the Inbound Yoga experience. On the Andean journeys of the Inbound School of Yoga we offer dramas related to the environment and individual personal struggle. Every group can choose the one they prefer. 

The Search for Shelter, for example is a drama about animal protection. 
The Court case Against Humanity reflects on social issues.   
The Lost Heart is  a touching love story.   
The Genie of the Mind deals with the art of meditation.

Lila Drama
The Mystic India  journey of the Inbound school of Yoga brings us into
contact with the deep love most people in India feel for the drama which
describes the pastimes of the avatars and saintly people. They are so
wonderful and educational and have a timeless message for people of all
ages. Devotional and highly artistic actors mix dance, speech and song into
a blend of narration which enables the audience to delve deeply into the
story and transform their material emotions into spiritual ones. Vrindavan
is home to many drama groups. Bharat Natyam is a dance which incorporates
similar spiritual content as do dances such as Orissi and Katha Kali. But in
Vrindavan naturally we focus on Sri Krishna the butter thief and thief of
hearts (Hari). He captures the attention of everyone in Vrindavan and in
almost every home you will find a shrine dedicated to him. Our program can
include one or more drama presentations for the group. We will arrange for
pauses during the performance to translate the meaning of the drama to the
foreign visitor. Otherwise everything will be in the original form. 

List of lilas
codename of lila or performanceN°.of performers 
and musicians
001The Touch Stone of Sanatan Goswami: CIntamani530 Min.
002Half Man  Half Lion720 Min.
003The Court case Against Humanity860 Min.
004The Identity of Ganges and Yamuna River520 Min
005The Genie of the Mind230 Min
006Love and Reason320 Min


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