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Presentation of making clay cups.       | 
Discover the natural opulence of India. Use a cup once and throw it away. From dust to dust and mud to mud. This is sanitary and extremely practical. These cups do not conduct heat like metal cups. In every village tons of clay pots are quickly produced in a surprisingly humble and unique way.  In Europe, such incredible ingenuity would make a man famous.

The process is demonstrated in our school or we take the entire group to a local workshop.

Recycling is a major topic for the modern environmentalist and clay is one of the best suited materials for it. It can be molded, burnt, used in the kitchen or garden, made into eating utensils,utilized for art and decoration and of course it can be employed in the construction of houses, temples and virtually everything. It can even be used for making wonderful furniture. Add to this the healing powers of mud and clay and you start wondering why we are so inundated by plastic and metal today. Perhaps best of all, clay and mud are natural recycling agents since they never spoil.  

Only a few people know that mud can close open wounds and heal infections. We are all related to clay.  This is the mother earth experience.  The more you create a natural environment and are in contact with organic materials, the healthier and happier you will be. One of the greatest advantages of clay is that there is no scarcity of it anywhere in the world. Just imagine if everybody in the world insisted on having a wood furnished and paneled home, there wouldn't be one tree left on the planet!

Cottage industry is a magical word and we had better invest in, it since it is the only way local artists get any support. Mahatma Gandhi wanted us to think long-term in choosing what is best for our overall well-being.  Large corporations totally misuse the vocabulary of ecological natural awareness in order to sway people into thinking that they care about the environment or could protect it. But do not be fooled.  

Only self-sufficiency and local self-sustaining efforts can maintain a healthy equilibrium in all communities. The Inbound School of Yoga stands for awareness of both inbound harmony with the nature of our soul as well as outbound harmony of the people and the environment in the world we share.

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