Millenial Wisdom

The INBOUND Yoga system combines the wisdom of the Vedas and Yoga teachers to help our students. The projects reach out to those who would like to get some relief from their tensions and anxieties.

Besides our regular practices we also offer our students an opportunity to experience a journey with our Yoga teachers to strategically located energy centers situated in various parts of the world. In these centers you will be introduced to the basic practice of the INBOUND Yoga system.

You may choose to experience our complete yoga tour, or you may elect to visit a Yoga ashram for just a few days and gain first hand experience of meditative life and the spiritual teachings. We also publish guides and yoga aids such as lecture tapes, videos and CD roms for those who desire to continue their practice at home. Although students are strongly encouraged to practice independently at home, the importance of seeking out and accepting a qualified and trusted spiritual master, with whom one may develop a personal relationship based on mutual respect cannot be emphasized enough.

The Inbound school of yoga is the Adventure of Exploring Yourself

Visit ecological farms around the world

Live the most mystic experience... Ashram expererience



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