Inbound Yoga System

Why to practice inbound yoga?

As a readily adaptable way of life, Yoga can help us spiritually, physically and mentally. Yoga, above all, aids us in solving the problems of our life at the very root. The root of all problems in this world sprout from our suffering. This suffering on different levels is the result of our Karma. We have to determine what exactly is impeding our access to the dimensions of eternal existence, full knowledge and inner fulfillment. This is a spiritual question, which can be answered through proper Yoga practices. If we approach the practice of Yoga only with the hope of improving our physical condition we will miss out on the real potencial given to the world by the great teachers of this transcendental science.


The INBOUND School of Yoga was founded by Swami B.A. Paramadavaiti to help all those who long for perfection. This Yoga system is a gradual process which enables us to overcome all the obstacles appearing in our lives.

Based or Inspiration

The INBOUND School of Yoga is based on the teachings of the great Acaryas (spiritual masters) and the most important scriptures such as the Srimad Bhagavat Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam as well as the Upanishad and Yoga sutras of Patanjali and the Prema Pradipa of Bhaktivinode Thakur.

What is Yoga?


The word "Yoga" is well known throughout the world today, yet few people really understand the history, the benefits and the techniques of yoga and how much this system can offer to humanity.


The most ancient and transcendental science 

The INBOUND School of Yoga trains teachers as well, and is connected to the Brahma Madva Gaudiya Sampradaya. Thus we provide the most ancient and authentic teachings of this transcendental science. Our staff has some of the most qualified teachers in the world, working hard to help students advance very quickly. Several full time Swamis are amongst the teachers who will accompany you either on an INBOUND mystic tour or in our Schools and Ashrams around the world.



Millenial Wisdom

The INBOUND Yoga system combines the wisdom of the Vedas and Yoga teachers to help our students.




The Inbound school of yoga is the Adventure of Exploring Yourself

Visit ecological farms around the world

Live the most mystic experience... Ashram expererience



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