Inbound History

The following is a short history of the Inbound School of Yoga. It was conceived by Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti in India on the verge of the new millennium. For many years, he had been traveling between India and the Andean countries of South America. Dedicating his life to the cause of Yoga, peace and self-realization for over thirty years, he has aspired to provide everyone access to the most wonderful people and places connected with Yoga. Whether visiting the famous Kumbha Mela in India or traveling through the sacred valley of the Incas, the spiritual energy centers provide the students with vibrations which make for a wonderful journey and meaningful Yoga experience. For thousands of years great yogis and people in general have traveled to holy places. This was called Parikrama in the Sanskrit language. The Inbound School of Yoga wants to afford this opportunity to all students and travelers . Those who yearn to behold the most spectacular places on this planet earth, while learning how to meditate and harmonize their body, mind and soul, and gain experience in a host of other special studies and festivals will certainly satisfy their preferences in our programs. To travel and study the outside world far removed from “theory” of the classrooms, while also going "Inbound" is a way of life. Through the science of Yoga and deep relaxation a truly "Inbound" experience is gained.

"Inbound" experience involves acknowledging the strength of our true existence, developing clear awareness and finding the deeper inner happiness which lies dormant within us all. This is especially necessary when you are uncertain about life, depressed about some failure or feeling stress under your working or family conditions. But even if you feel content with yourself, you can still acquire so much additional strength for the future by charging your consciousness (batteries) with the "Inbound" experience. If you find any of our programs and dates suitable, please contact our coordinator in order to register or you can even give us your special request which we will try to arrange for you.

The Inbound school of yoga is the Adventure of Exploring Yourself

Visit ecological farms around the world

Live the most mystic experience... Ashram expererience



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