Ashram Intensive Experience

Spend a weekend or more in the monastic atmosphere of our Yoga ashrams.
The life in an ashram is unique. Centered around spiritual goals, self control, and deep inner peace, even an hour in an ashram is rewarding and rejuvenating.

The discipline of getting up before five o'clock, morning meditation, devotional songs, (Bhajan), listening to a class on the Vedic scripture is a great opportunity for our mind to find peace and strength.

The intensive ashram experience is recommended for all who want to take a break from the routine of their life. It is also beneficial for those who are no longer able to focus on their duties with a positive attitude and who have problems with personal relationships in their lives. The program addresses our self-centered style of communication. Practical service in the community such as cleaning , gardening, washing dishes etc. and sharing with others the living space and facilities make us content and humble. The day is full of activities which all relate to our life of Yoga. You can also participate in different seminars which may be available in the ashram.

One of the most rewarding benefits you receive from the ashram experience is the many wonderful new friends you will acquire. The relationships you forge with them lead to life-long friendships. You may even discover a mission that you would like to be connected to when you return rejuvenated to your family and duties.
Weekends, weeks, a month or more.

Contact the ashram you are interested in visiting to discuss details and fees. Prices start at 10 US daily and depend on the facilities you need, the time you will spend there and the practical service you can do to help the ashram.

Full monk life is also a lifestyle accepted by many since time immemorial. We offer instruction on how such a life can be a fulfilling experience and valuable service to humanity.
At least for a while in his life every person should live in such a transcendental environment where he can tackle the problems of life with goodness, compassion, generosity and fairness.

The Inbound school of yoga is the Adventure of Exploring Yourself

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Live the most mystic experience... Ashram expererience

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