Inbound Yoga System

INBOUND Yoga takes you right IN to the center of your existence. As a starting point, you explore the limits of your body by the practice of body postures (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and concentration techniques (Dhyana). Relax and start realizing that your body is a marvelous machine which will obey your command to further your well-being.

A brief description of the INBOUND Yoga system deals with the following topics:


    Here starts a brief description of the different steps of the INBOUND System of Yoga

    Time planning:

    We should divide our available time into three main sections.
    One third for exercises.
    One third for study and reflection.
    One third for the chanting of the mantras.


    For all INBOUND Yoga school activities we strongly recommend strongly wearing white organic cotton or wool clothes (depending on the climate) which are worn loosely to facilitate all movements. Make sure you have a natural fiber mat to sit on to do your exercises. (Most places will provide a mat, but it is recommended to have your own so you can take it home to continue your yoga and meditation practice)

    Next we will practice the INBOUND Yoga Yajna...

    The Inbound school of yoga is the Adventure of Exploring Yourself

    Visit ecological farms around the world

    Live the most mystic experience... Ashram expererience

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