Andean Mystic Tour

Welcome to the Mystic Andean Field (inbound) School. This is a unique educational experience we offer to people who would like to travel to South America and really get in touch with themselves.

We offer tours of 10 days and of 30 days. The main base for arrival and preparation is the EcoTrulli ashram. This settlement is on the Pacific coast one hour from Lima. Here we start with a course in Ecology and simple living.

Other locations of the tour are:

When we first arrive in Lima. We walk the amazing landscapes and prepare for the rest of the tour. Just like the Himalayas have attracted people for millions of years in their search for perfection, the Andean Mountains are also a great magnetic attraction to many people.

The Sun Trail of the Andes takes you to many countries and spectacular places. We have chosen some choice locations to connect to the natural beauty of the region.

Here we stay in Ashramas, which are Yoga centers and Guesthouses where we can relax and combine our tours with a variety of ceremonies, exercises and reflections. We can design special tours according to demand for any group of ten people or more. Dates can also be adjusted and the intensity of the program can be modified in accordance to the age and fitness of the participants.


All tours have the purpose of establishing very strong connections with our duty and human evolution. Illegal drugs will lead to cancellation without refund for the remaining days. Alcohol, non-vegetarianism and smoking will not occur in our program. Pure , healthy vegetarian food will be supplied throughout the program. Personal drinks and snacks are private. Women should be highly respected and no extramarital association is permitted on the program. Thank you for your understanding. Without these principles we cannot succeed in the programs.

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The Inbound school of yoga is the Adventure of Exploring Yourself

Visit ecological farms around the world

Live the most mystic experience... Ashram expererience

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