Some Recommendations for All Participants:

Learn about a new culture and giving in the practical
world. Leave your well known environment to know
something new, to experience the world on a real field

Live in an ashram. Rise like the sun, early and
meditate. Study with others the most important topics:
philosophy , psychology and sociology. Get to know the
cultures of the world with Vedic knowledge of the three
modes of material nature: Goodness - Passion ­

Study history and the stages of ecology with
determination to make a difference. Develop civic
enthusiasm. Be detached from disturbances arising from
the unpalatable unchangable.

Learn the science of
ecology with a vegetarian pure life style.

The inbound experience requires all students and
tour participants to make the best out of their visit
by refaining from taking drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.
We cannot concentrate in a group while extramarital
relationships are conducted. We do not want to gamble.

Our group leaders will provide the food, which is purely
vegetarian. If you buy anything on the side, check the
ingredients. It should be all vegetarian, please.

(All tours have the purpose of establishing very strong
connections with our duty and human evolution. Illigal
drugs will lead to cancellation without refund for the
remaining days. Alcohol, non-vegetarianism and smoking
is prohibited in our program. Pure, healthy vegetarian
food will be supplied throughout the program.
Women should be highly
respected and no extramarital association is permitted
on the program.
Thank you for your understanding.
Without these principles we cannot succeed in the
Learn to be happy under all conditions.
Be on time. Do not make the whole group wait.

This is the Inbound experience we offer to our students
and tour participants.