Information for Those who Organize


  Letter from editor
to god brother, god sisters and friends about Inbound School project

   Words of founder

    "Now has come a time in which I want to dedicate myself more than anything to our Vrinda mission and to form leaders for the future.
    One new project we are involved with these days is to bring many more visitors to our Indian Temples through our preaching in the West, as well as to systematically invite friends to come to our most special projects in South America and thus receive inspiration. We are currently working on the respective home pages to organize different types of tours".

(India, April 00
BA Paramadvaiti Swami)

Other observations for the program

People who bring or help organize a group of six participants may come along free of charge.
They only have to pay all their travel expenses.

Names to decide for
the final advertisement approach

Mystic India Tour----Tour to India with courses and relaxed Ashram experience

Mystic Andean Tour—Tour to the Ashrams and locations in South America with courses and and relaxed Ashram experience

Vaisnava Academy- ---Program which develops study courses in all interesting fields which are for the
public and for the devotees and which can be offered to a certain degree in short form to tours as well to
substantiate the leaning experience.

Inbound school----A name idea to represent the fact that the travel is a leaning experience and also a journey to the unknown within us. Connecting that unknown jewel within us with the newly aquired
experience of the outside field should enable us to grow with less prejudice against others and more successful in life. We hope it is appealing and less sectarian as any religious name such as Vrinda tour etc.

Inbound Yoga school------The same as above just with the addition of Yoga in order to further clarify the
certain leaning of our ideas etc.

Vrinda Ashrams
-----Vrinda's ashrams with different facilities.
Some offer the intensive ashram experience.

Varsana Jardin ecologico, Bogota
Vrindavanita, Colombia
Vrindavan Jardin Ecologico, Banos.
Eco Trulli ashram, Chankay.

Half facility:-----
Gambhira, Santa Marta - Colombia.
Eka chakra, Temuco - Chile.

For Ladies
Nueva Navadvipa, Santiago - Chile.
Nueva Vrindavan, General Rodriguez - Argentina.

City ashrams capable of well receiving a visitor.

Medellin, Bogota, Cali, Bucaramanga, Cucuta, Baranquilla, Cartagena, Pasto,

Cusco, Huancayo, Arequipa;


La Paz


Mexico DF.

Every thing has to be revised to avoid over preaching which may cause opposite effect as well as under preaching which
causes the danger to be accused of hiding something later. Since you are an Inbound coordinator you are kindly requested to help in this regard, your suggestions are welcome !

 (About conditioning)

  This document is made for the mystic tour India and andean. 

   For the Courses without journeys it is not necessary to recommend the exercises but for the parikramas it is good if they are in shape and also they take it more serious the preparation and the program. 

   Ashram intensive is separate from this.