A Word From The Coordinator

Welcome to the Mystic Andean Inbound School of Yoga.

As the coordinator of our programs in South America and India, I want you to know that you are going to experience what may be the best you see in this lifetime. 

We have carefully designed the courses and expeditions to be challenging both mentally and physically. This will give you a chance to break away from your daily routine and engage in true self discovery.

Living with others and sharing the pains and pleasures of the experience you will get increased awareness.

Our program will give you a touch with the natural wilderness, the deep peace and harmony we all long to achieve.

The unbelievable desert of the pacific coast, the rainforests with over half of the living species of this planet, the high plane in Sun Island in the Titicaca lake, and the wonderful local people offer a contrast which will demand growth from you. Giving up all prejudice and increasing your compassion is a big part of the mystic Yoga goal.

You will feel closely connected to the universal spirit in nature and in all beings. You will learn about the local culture and tradition. As you see the beauty around you, you will also see the difficulties of this part of the world.

Be ready to deal with challenges, changes, surprises and even letdowns, which are part of the wilderness experience. 

On our program and courses, you can expect swimming, climbing dunes and cliffs, exploring caves, sleeping on the floor, camping out, cooking organic meals, meditation, circle dancing, boat rides, trecking, live in jungle huts, mud-trullis.

The experience varies according to individual participants, group desires, and staff decisions making your experience very unique. Your course will not be just like the one your friend had.

Your course will be your personal experience. It will be your opportunity to learn and grow in new and positive directions.

I urge you to keep your mind open to what you will experience. Be prepared to face changes, surprises, challenges, and disappointments. However, really think about what you want to gain from the course. Most find that the experience goes far beyond what they expect. 

Get prepared by reading the materials in the registration packet.

An enlivening adventure awaits you!

I look forward to seeing you in any one of our locations.

Our instructors are ready to share the best of them with you.

The Andean Mystic Inbound School of Yoga was created to teach people the beauty of their own potential.

It has a longstanding tradition and comes from India. There it was called parikrama and was practiced by such famous persons as Rama, Buddha, Chaitanya and other millions of sages and yogis as well as common people, culminating in the world famous Kumbha Mela which puts up to 20 million people in the move.

Such journeys  go deep inside of yourself, while we explore the universal creacion and the energy centers. 

Healing powers, Yoga visions, the expansion of our consciousness, lightening the weight of our past activities, all these and much more are the aspects of our Mystical Inbound School.

We also offer a wonderful package of destinations and special festivals in India.

There are also other courses which intensify the studies on special subjects and the full ashram experience. 

Write to us if you are interested in any of those special programs.

Yours in expectation to share with you

Eliseo Franco Pacheco
South America -Coordinator

E-mail: coordinator@vrindavan.org
Telephone: 51-1-3464925 
Mail adress: Jr. Callao 480. Lima, PERU