elemental adventures 
  10-30 day multi-element 

Trek through cloudforest and rainforests of South America and let our indigenous guides reveal to you all the wonder of nature's diversity. Develop a real understanding of South Americas culture while living a simple life in the rainforest.  Make friends that will last a lifetime, and watch as you achieve goals that you never thought possible. 

Twenty-four day courses include a trek around the Tunguragua, an active Ecuadorian volcano,
Or visit the legendary Machu Pichu and hold a sacrifice to mother earth and do Yoga and respiration exercises.
Come on a variety course and experience it all.





"My variety course was about more than those fifteen days. It was about everyday after - how I can use something I learned in the rainforests, in the Yoga classes or during the Fire sacrifice for the rest of my life. It's not a physical object that I can show everyone, but it's something engraved in me that I won't ever let fade away." 

                                              Libardo Guzman

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