Other sites we can visit:
Visit Cusco , the Sacred Valley of the Incas and

travel to Machu Pichu to celebrate a sacred Fire-yajna. Learn about the similar cultures of the Inca- Maya- and Indian traditions. Visit the sacred Sun Island on Lake Titicaca walking to the ancient INCA ruins. Experience the joy and power of mantra chanting and dancing.

 Rio Negro is a place in the Ecuadorian jungle. Situated only 40 minutes from Banos going down to the Amazon basin you reach a natural paradise. There is the Vrindavan Ecological garden at the approach of the Amazon plane. Surrounded by thunderous waterfalls you will see the most natural living style with many unique experiences. Organic gardening and lots of exercise. Climb the mountains through the jungle and get your self into shape. 

This program is suitable for anyone who wants to get his body, mind and soul into fit conditions.
Relax from tension and experience the true pleasure of the self.
See unbelievable places and explore the universal form of the Sun Trail of
South America.