The programs offer: 
A morning meditation program. 
A variety of courses. 
Good association. 
Learning Spanish. 

Tours can be booked in English, German and Spanish. 

Minimum six participants to book a special language different from Spanish. 
Work in the organic garden.
( Eco Trulli Lima, Rio Negro Banos) 
Live in mud houses or in huts made of straw and bambu with no electricity. ( Eco Trulli Lima, Rio Negro Banos.) 

Climb the dunes and visit hidden beaches.
Swim in the Pacific Ocean. See the developing Trulli Planetarium. (Eco Truli Lima) 

Our special Yoga expierience. Introduction to Hatha Yoga.
Healthy, relaxation, exercises and breathing technics. 

Karma Yoga, participate in selfless service.
Jnana Yoga, harmonize your intelect with your intuition. Discover higher
Bhakti Yoga, Learn how to chant Mantras and how to invoke transcendental strength and blessings.