Visit Yoga Ashrams in Chile 

Along the road south in Chile many Yoga ashrams associated with the Inbound Yoga school are situated. Not all of them have good facilities and you should check with their offices whether you can stop by and what facilities to expect. But if you travel on a tour you will see the pioneer program of new ashrams opening to serve the people with the sciences of self-discovery
in the Vedic tradition.
There are ashrams in Calama, Iquique, Antofagasta, Copiapo, La Serena, Valle
de Elqui Catemu, Santiago,Valparaiso, Concepcion,Temuco, and Trakura.

Learn organic agriculture in Eka-chakra in the district of Catemu 
(one hour from Santiago).
This unique organic farm and cultural project can give full courses in the science of harmony with nature. The local leader, Krishna Kirtan has organized a service of organic produce to many people in the city. People come to see what he is doing and take products with them or have regular house delivery of their needed healthy vegetables and other products. There are only a few rooms available and tents are good, especially in the summer season which is preferable for those who want to come to take a course. The meditation hall is already finished and Sannyasys visit regularly from the town close by.