Experience life in yoga yoga ashram in the 
tropical forest of Colombia.

Learn yoga and meditation,
fasting, vegetarianism and community service.

-3 months bhakti yoga course
Others courses with deep knowledge about:
-Deities worship (puja)
-Organisation of spirituals communities.
-Artistic formation
-Organic agriculture

Varsana is fully equipped to even host up to sixty people at a time.
Exclusive view and amazing art projects unfold here. The first center of the
Vrinda Vaisnava Academy.
There is a training center also for those young people who want to learn community leadership.
The ashram expierience is unique. It is almost a nessesity to expierience at least for some time in once life. It help people to understand the need to help others. Community in spiritual consciuouness. We provide long or short training programs. All have to come well equipped and ready to make the ashram even better trough their presence.