Inbound for Vaisnavas and their Kids


Special introduction to the Ashram Experience for devotees and children of devotees.  

Give yourself or your grown-up child a special gift. Ashram vacations include  spiritual rejuvenation retreats in a yoga monastery. 

Deutsch: Besinnungs Erholung in einem Yoga Ashram. 

Every person needs to take a break sometimes. Stay in an ashram for a weekend, week or month and rejuvenate your spiritual energies.

In co-operation with the Inbound School of Yoga Vrinda has developed a variety of courses and retreats for all those who wish to visit very special places in India and South America and not miss the wonderful association of Bhaktas, Kirtans, morning lessons and the spirit and smell of the Ashram. Vrinda has offered its choicest locations for this program and with participation in the Vaisnava Academy we can offer a great variety of programs and courses. 

You can just relax and participate in the temple programs or you can combine the visit to the Ashram with trekking to special sites, circumambulating the Govardhan Hill, going on Hari Nam in Andean villages, growing organic food in the temple garden or  participating in deity worship. We will coordinate the program in accordance with your special needs and desires. But please do not forget that the real benefit of the Ashram experience comes from a regulated life or strict Sadhana Bhakti such as early rising for Mangal Artik and helping with enthusiasm. We are happy to provide that atmosphere to you. And by the grace of Srila Prabhupada we may offer you and your grown up children ( the minimum age is fifteen for this program) such locations as the jungle in Ecuador, the Pacific Ocean beachfront Trulli Ashram in Peru, or the Ashram in Chile where organic cultivation is providing produce for many people. Or the wonderful Vrinda Kunja in Vrindavan. 

Here you or your children can take music courses, learn Hindi and see Vrindavan along with your ashram experience. Help us so that we can help others. Let your children meet with other devotees who also practice and like spiritual life. 

(Minimum calculation for this program is a donation of 10 US dollars a day fee for Ashram stays with active service participation. Those who have no way of helping our ashram with this donation may apply for a different arrangement by explaining in what way they may help us to keep opening our doors to the world and the new generation to partake in  the Ashram experience. 
Those who want to stay in the ashram but go on some or all of the cultural excursions or course projects of the Inbound School of Yoga have to pay an additional 30.- US dollars per day for the Inbound Mystic journey participation.)

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