Please   note that Yoga is a very powerful tool with an ancient tradition to uplift ourselves in every sense of the word. Yoga consists of  different phases or steps which help us to go deeper and deeper  to finally achieve the highest benefit of the human form of life. Every person has reached a certain level of evolution in this lifetime. However,  one can move further  along in this evolution through the practice of Yoga. 
The different paths of Yoga
The different Yoga processes are all part of the integral teachings of the Inbound school of Yoga. 
Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga can either be practiced separately or combined.  We offer instruction in all of them and help students both in our various centers or during the course of a mystic journey to make the most out of these teachings while progressing steadily from the individual level which they have already attained. 

Hatha Yoga is especially beneficial  to achieve greater  health and to learn to control the body rather than being controlled by the body and the senses. Hatha Yoga includes exercises, breathing techniques,  some theory and meditation.

Karma Yoga is very effective in  learning how to relax and achieve real  peace and happiness. All of our activities are focused on the central interest of goodness and how to overcome the egotism which troubles us. Karma Yoga involves activities such as cleaning, cooking and helping others without any expectations of  reciprocation.

Jnana Yoga is very useful in calming the mind and understanding your own self as well as your  ultimate interest. Jnana Yoga includes many aspects that are woven into our journey and study courses. We chant  mantras, meditate on their meaning and read more about Yoga philosophy, while inquiring and assimilating much knowledge  with the help of our INBOUND guides.

Bhakti Yoga is an excellent way to help us feel that universal love we all hanker for. Loving and being loved is the principal goal of this Yoga path. Bhakti Yoga includes offerings, prayers, chanting with others, absorption and ultimately reaching  a level of consciousness which will not succumb to any difficulties.

In addition we have a great variety of special ceremonies connected with the Inbound Yoga experience.  These include performing your Vedic marriage in a holy place, Agni Hotra yajna ( fire sacrifice to establish contact with the universal powers, get purified and protected and offer vows or prayers ), special fasting retreats, health retreats with Ayur Veda wisdom, meals and much more.

The Inbound School of Yoga combines the wonderful wisdom of great Yogis with your practical daily needs and offers you a valuable opportunity to adopt a very dynamic way of thinking and feeling. This unique offering from the  Inbound School of Yoga is available to you through a wide variety of our own  programs and destinations  extending from Chile, Peru and Ecuador to Hawaii and  all the way to Hungary and India with further special sites being added to our program as it expands. Instructors trained by the Inbound school of Yoga  are expertly equipped to offer guidance in many major cities of the world and our cooperation with the Florida Vedic College and the Institute for Higher Vedic Knowledge provide us with a vast amount of literature and assistance which can reward you with college credits as you partake in the Mystic journeys of our school.


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