Inbound Contacts


Special seminars around the world

Currently the Inbound School of Yoga offers yoga courses on a permanent basis in the following cities. If you are interested in participating in courses in any of those locations, please contact our main office in Miami or send an e-, to get the full address to be able to contact them directly. 

Germany: Freiburg, Berlin. 
Austria: Wien. 
Hungary: Szeged, Budapest. 
India: Vrindavan. 
USA: Miami, Hawaii (retreat base only) 
Mexico: Mexico City. 
Colombia: Santa Fe de Bogota, Medellin, Neiva, Cali,B/manga. 
Ecuador: Quito 
Peru: Lima, Cusco.
Chile: Arica, Santiago, Temuco. 
Argentina: Buenos Aires, General Rodriguez, Tafi Viejo.  

We hope to be able to serve you in any of these locations.

Here all the respective addresses connected with our coordination of the Inbound School of Yoga in the respective countries. 

Saranagati Paucar Law

Anja Lundberg (Smita)
Martina Winkler,

India - 
Heralda Chavarria (Gopini)
RaulHiguera (Saksi Gopal),

Panchatattva, Badarayani,

Swami Govinda,

Prema Vilas,

The different paths of Yoga
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