Inbound Programs


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Ashram Advanced Course.
Kids Inbound.
Childrens and Yoga.
Especial program for the Indian Community around the world.
Seniors Inbound.
Vegetarian Inbound Tour.
Ladies Inbound.
Yoga: Ligth...Energy...Nirvana.

Yoga teacher seminars
The Inbound School of Yoga conducts special tours and courses for those endeavoring to become Yoga instructors affiliated with our school. This requires previous preparation and must be coordinated with the respective teachers of the course. Look for the next course offering announced on our homepage in your language of preference or apply for participation to our head-office in Miami, USA concerning special seminars around the world. Currently the Inbound School of Yoga offers yoga courses on a permanent basis in the following cities. If you are interested in participating in courses in any of those locations, please contact our main office  to get the full address to be able to contact them directly.

Mystic India journey
Mystic Andean journey 

The different paths of Yoga
Language and music courses
Special festivals around the world